We Help Doctors Detect Gastrointestinal Cancer at an Early Stage

Computer Assisted Diagnosis System for Endoscopy

During colonoscopy, an endoscopist detects pathologies in the form of polyps or diverticulum
Colorectal Сancer Diagnosis
Colorectal cancer ranks 3rd in the world in morbidity and 2nd in mortality among all cancers among men and women*. CRC starts with polyps. The sooner the first signs are found, the higher the chance of a complete recovery. According to researches, up to 26% of polyps are missed by doctors during colonoscopy. The main reason is the human factor: distraction, fatigue, lack of experience.
During colonoscopy, an endoscopist detects pathologies in the form of polyps or diverticulum
Polyptron - a computer-assisted diagnosis support system for intelligent medical decisions based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The system helps the doctor to find the first signs of cancer (polyps) in real-time. The use of technology reduces the risk of cancer by 72%*.

How It Works
Receiving data from endoscopic device
Real-time video stream analysis
Neoplasm visualization, and output of the resulting image on doctor's monitor
Saving diagnosis results on server
Why Choose Polyptron?
Real-time processing
Instant assistance
Low System Requirements
High performance on low-power devices.
Edge Processing
Image processing is performed on edge device without server.
Compatibility with Equipment of Any Vendor
The technology is compatible with equipment of any generation and any manufacturer.
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